Writing to Recipients

As a donor family, you and your loved one will always be in the hearts and minds of those to whom you gave the gift of life. We hope the knowledge of this will provide some comfort to you.

For many families, however, there is the added desire to communicate with the recipients of their loved one's gift. TransLife donor families can choose to share feelings and information with recipients through a letter-writing program. The letters are passed anonymously through TransLife to the recipient's transplant center.

It is important to understand that the names and identities of donor families and transplant recipients are withheld to respect health care privacy. For this reason, we offer these few suggestions to guide your correspondence:

  • Use first names only
  • Do not provide your address, city, email or telephone number
  • Hospital names or the names of physicians should not be identified
  • Sign your first name only

Place your letter in an unsealed envelope without a return address. Drop the envelope into a larger mailing envelope. On a separate sheet of paper, include your name, address, telephone number, the full name of your loved one, and the date of donation.

Mail to:
TransLife c/o Family Services
1560 Orange Avenue, Suite 450
Winter Park, FL 32789.

Your letter will be reviewed by the TransLife Family Services Coordinator and receiving transplant center to ensure confidentiality. It can take several weeks for the letter to reach its intended destination, and it is possible that the recipient may opt not to receive the letter or to write back. The decision whether or not to write is a very personal one for both the donor family and transplant recipient. A range of emotions and life circumstances make each decision unique.