Design Your Quilt Square

Your design can include all the things that celebrate your loved one's life - favorite hobbies, sports, music, art and much more. Except for the dimensions, your creativity is the only limit.

  • Your patchwork should be a 9 1/2" square.
  • Leave a 1/2" design-free border on all four edges to allow for stitching to other squares.
  • Please do not add a finished backing or finish the edges of the square. Choose from traditional quilt techniques, as well as embroidery, fabric paints and crayons, silk-screened photographs or other artistic means of expression.

Where to Deliver Your Quilt Square

Enclose patchwork in a zip-lock bag and complete the TransLife Donor Family Quilt Consent Form.

Mail or deliver your square and consent form to:
TransLife, c/o Family Services
1560 Orange Avenue, Suite 450
Winter Park, FL 32789

The family services coordinator will confirm that it has been received and when it will be available for display.

The National Donor Quilt

Since 1995, thousands of families have created patches in honor of their loved ones for the National Donor Family Quilt, an ever-growing memorial dedicated to those who gave the gift of life through organ or tissue donation. For more information, please visit