Family Services

There is no greater gift than the gift of life, and it takes the generosity of donors and their families to make it possible.

TransLife honors the generosity of these heroes as well as the kindness of their families by coordinating opportunities to reflect on the gifts they shared, saving the lives of individuals they may never know.

After a loved one's donation, our family services coordinator contacts families to offer assistance, provide grief resources and referrals, and answer questions regarding the donation. A letter is also provided to confirm the organ transplants that took place with brief descriptions of those whose lives were saved as a result of their loved one's gift.

Throughout the year, we host special events to honor the generosity of our donors and their families, including Remembrance Day, the Quilt Workshop and Donor Family Picnic. Additional gatherings are facilitated through our Donor Family Circle.

Many of our donor families have become active volunteers, sharing their stories with our Central Florida community through presentations, media stories and literature. We are extremely proud of their achievements and the insight they provide to the transplant community.