Medicare Conditions of Participation

With the goal of saving and improving lives, federal regulations in 1998 established collaborative working relationships between donation programs and hospitals. TransLife enjoys strong and supportive links with all our Hospital Partners in Sharing.

Routine death notification is a condition for participation in the Medicare and Medicaid programs.

  • The hospital is to have written agreements with TransLife and at least one tissue and eye recovery program.
  • Hospitals in Central Florida are to notify TransLife, in a timely fashion, of every death and imminent death.
  • Medical suitability is to be determined by the donor programs to ensure the safety of donated gifts for the transplant recipients.
  • The hospital is to ensure that every family with the potential to donate lifesaving organs and/or tissue is given the opportunity to share life.
  • Hospitals must exercise discretion and sensitivity with respect to the families considering donation and all those who choose to donate life.
  • Only TransLife specialists or a "hospital-trained requestor" is to discuss donation with families. This ensures that families receive all the facts and thoroughly understand the process of donation when making critical decisions.
  • Hospitals are to work with donor programs to educate staff on donation issues, review death records, and give medical support while critical tests are conducted to coordinate proper placement of donated organs with recipients.