Hospital Partner Testimonials

Dr. Peter Pappas, Health First Trauma Surgeon

Trauma surgeons view every life as a precious one, dedicating ourselves to caring for those in often terrible and utterly unexpected circumstances.  Sadly, despite all our efforts, not all patients can be saved.  In those hours of unimaginable pain and grief, I have seen the idea of organ donation bring comfort to loved ones.  Good collaboration between hospitals and organ donor programs, like TransLife, provide a crucial resource for family and loved ones.  For many, the greatest act of love is in giving, and the thought that others can receive life out of such great loss brings a sense of meaning to tragedy.

Maria Neff, M.S.
Operations Coordinator
Halifax Health - Center for Transplant Services

As a professional in the transplant community, I witness firsthand the power of organ donation.  The selfless act of one person can change the lives of so many.  It has the power to get a mother off of dialysis in Daytona Beach, while at the same time save the life of a child in Pennsylvania.  Transplant centers are only able to attain these positive results for their patients if they effectively collaborate with their Organ Procurement Organization, such as TransLife.  At Halifax Health, we work in partnership with TransLife staff to improve the lives of others. Although we share the same mission, it is one that would not be possible without the generosity of organ donors.

Deirdre Jarrett, Chaplain Supervisor
   Debbie Thompson, ICU Chaplain

We are blessed to work in partnership with TransLife and are so thankful for the gift of life their work ensures. TransLife Coordinators are very compassionate and supportive of our potential donor families. They engage them with sensitivity and an understanding of the enormity of the loss they have experienced.

When a family decides to donate, it provides them with a tremendous gift, especially if they know it was the wish of their loved one to be a donor. It sometimes provides them with a sense that their loved one will live on, and that something good has come from a very bad situation.

It is also personally gratifying to know we are saving lives through our partnership with TransLife, and we are honored and privileged to do so.