Faith Community Outreach

One of the most common misconceptions regarding donation is the belief that one's religion does not support organ and tissue donation. On the contrary, all major religions support donation, considering it one of the greatest acts of charity and generosity.

TransLife encourages strong relationships and partnerships with faith community organizations, as its leaders play a critical role in helping us educate others about the importance of organ and tissue donation and donor designation.

Together, we can sensitively prepare families for important decisions that impact their well-being and the physical health of the community.

Educate yourself. Learn the facts about organ and tissue donation. Share what you learn with members of your place of worship.

Faith Community Leaders Make A Difference
  • Ensure that your congregation understands that your faith supports organ and tissue donation.
  • Comfort grieving families with your understanding of donation and its importance at the end of life's journey.
  • Encourage families to take the time now to consider donation and formally designate their wishes by joining Florida's Organ & Tissue Donor Registry.
  • Participate in National Donor Sabbath.

National Donor Sabbath
Celebrated two weekends before Thanksgiving, National Donor Sabbath is a time for faith communities to reflect on the spirit of giving and the need for organ and tissue donation and donor designation.

This annual celebration presents an opportunity for all faiths to share the greatest blessing of all —The Gift of Life.

Most major religions in the United States consider organ and tissue donation as one of the greatest expressions of compassion and generosity. However, many followers are unaware of this fact. It is extremely important for faith leaders to inform their congregations that they can designate their wishes as organ and tissue donors.

Participation Is Simple
  • Include information in your newsletter, bulletin, Web site or mailings.
  • Invite the congregation to share their own experiences with donation or transplantation.
  • Select appropriate sermons and hymns.
  • Organize a candle lighting ceremony to honor those who have given a precious gift.
  • Lead prayer to remember the thousands of children and adults who continue to wait for desperately needed organs and tissues.
  • Let your congregation know that you have designated your wishes to donate life and discussed the decision with your family.
  • Distribute donation brochures and encourage families to discuss donation.

TransLife provides materials at no cost. Please contact the Office of Public Relations or call 800-44DONOR for more information.